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What is CPM? What is College Preparatory Mathematics?

College Preparatory Mathematics is a critical subject utilized to help students develop the necessary skills to excel in elementary college algebra course (Hawkes Learning, 2018). College Preparatory Mathematics provides a strong base for conquering elementary algebra. By providing an idea of what algebra involves is advantageous to the student’s progress in mathematics. The term is coined Progressive Education (Bacon, 1941). College Preparatory Mathematics involved subjects such as whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, scientific notation, square roots, the language of algebra, solving equations, ration, proportion, percentage, signed numbers, equations, inequalities involving signed number and more. College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) has been implemented for more than 30 years in the education system as part and parcel of Progressive Education. It delves into mathematics in an in-depth manner, avoiding the shortcut that the usual textbook-curriculum allows. In traditional textbooks, once you know the answer you are considered done (Pham, 2016).
However, CPM homework teaches a different way of thinking to master mathematics in-depth.

CPM is commonly done in group, and group-work plays an important part. The benefit is sharing knowledge and learning together. However, it is disastrous if one is as clueless as the other and the whole group is unable to grasp the concept.

What to do if I’m stucked with CPM homework?

I have been in a situation where my group did not understand the CPM homework given. Hence, we were all using the wrong methods to do CPM homework. Teacher often leaves students to their own instruments to give them time to figure things out. However, this is very un-motivating when the students are unable to find a clear answer after pondering at a question for long periods of time. This mathematical skill takes a long time to master, and teachers are good at what they do. Some students are slower, and take longer to progress. However, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. You can easily find one on one online CPM tutor at
affordable price with theuniversitypapers.com. You can master the CPM methods, analysing skills and mathematical way of thinking. You can get CPM answers online and work your way around the mathematical problem. I hate maths and CPM maths but want to get good results. There has been an instance where an Honours Algebra 2 teacher taught a wrong concept to a group of students and failed to correct the students properly. When teacher blame students for not trying hard enough, or not able to grasp CPM concepts fast enough, students who used to love mathematics will turn to hate maths. I experienced the same thing graduating from primary school to secondary school. My favourite maths teacher was replaced by a stern and strict maths teacher. Gone was the
teacher who used to accept my questions with welcome. When we were younger, making mistakes were more accepted. As we grew older, maths
became harder while we were expected to keep up same as before, albeit the difficult being higher.

Many of my friends who used to love maths grew up to hate maths. However, all is not lost. We tend to hate what we don’t understand and what we are “not good at”. By getting online help for CPM homework, we are able to understand better and solve our CPM homework. Thus, we became less resentful and more understanding of our CPM homework. Mathematics is a critical skill and required in many jobs. Having a good mark for CPM homework is great for a student’s future career path.

Problems with CPM Math.

The problem with CPM Math is its assumption in students being able to grasp a long-handed way of mathematical reasoning and expectations of teachers for students to grasp the concepts clearly. CPM often requires multiple tries and repeated lessons to get things right. It is an acquired skill that teachers invest a lot of time developing. However, most students have to juggle with many other curricular activities, sciences, history, fine arts, social studies,
literature and many other subjects. This leaves students hard-pressed for the dedication it takes to master Algebra and Mathematics. The Missouri Department of Higher Education (2013), emphasizes heavily on mathematics, which requires 4 units, compared with Science which only requires 3 units. A heavy emphasis is placed on college preparatory algebra.

How to do CPM group homework. Can I use online help for CPM group homework?

 Theuniversitypapers.com provides custom online help for any CPM homework.
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CPM group work offers more flexibility in the way students learn (Study Team Strategies, 2018). Solving mathematical problems together can be more engaging and immersing compared with solving mathematical problems alone. The communication and bounce back
and forth of ideas will allow the creative minds and reasoning to flow greatly.

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