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In the review, Goldstein’s interpretation of the book is that if offers a very interesting look at Aristotle’s historical continuations to the scientific community. The books author brings in a lot of work that Aristotle continued through his life to support this idea. This research is convincing and well done. However the problem with the book is that the author really deeply dislikes Plato. He accuses him of not being able to separate science from religion.

Ultimately the author makes the fact that he hides Aristotle’s own belief in science and its use in his theories plain. He admits this flaw yet still talks so badly about Plato. The reviewer believes that this attack was unnecessary. The recommendation is to read the book to learn the new information but keep these points in mind.


The world amalgam came into the English language the 1400. It means a soft mass formed by chemical activity. It comes either from the Old French word amalgam or from the Medieval Latin word amalga. Both of these words mean an alloy, normally one made from gold and silver.   This word itself may have from the Latin word malgma meaning poultice or plaster. The word amalgam likely came from the Arabic al malgham which is a warm soft poultice for sores. This word is likely related to the Greek word malagma from malassein to soften or malakos soft

http://www.iep.utm.edu/aristotl/  (A Peer Reviewed Academic Resource)

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