In most universities, a personal statement is part of the application process. In most cases, it is a document that does not exceed two pages, and the candidate has to show his/her personality so that the admission committee can offer you a place in the university. In some colleges, a candidate has only one chance to submit his/her personal statement with no chance of resubmission or appeal. This definitely brings fear to many prospective students, and the entire writing process becomes one that brings anxiety. For a prospective student, writing of a personal statement should start with research on their own personality and character.

However, many candidates find it difficult and sometimes boring to write a catch personal statement. One wonders how one should demonstrate his/character in a favorable manner, and in a way that pleases the admission committee. Some see it as being asked to say so much in a few words. Further, this type of writing requires to be free of grammar mistakes, and many prospective students fear to commit grammar mistakes that could lead them to be rejected. As such, such students find themselves seeking for personal statement writing services from online tutors and experts.


Prospective Students: Personal statements are needed by prospective students as a way of convincing admission committees that you are the right candidate. Many colleges and universities globally, requests prospective students to submit personal statements as part of the application package. The admission committees in these universities take a keen interest in these personal statements, and they are the ones that determine the fate of the application among many other parameters. As such, the candidates must show their personality, interests, motivation, and qualification within a limited word count to convince the university admission committee that they’re the best among the many applicants. Due to the many applications that universities receive, it is good that your statement stands out from the rest. This is what compels many prospective students to seek help from personal statement writing experts.

Job Seekers: Others who need personal statements are students who have already completed their college education. These are graduates who are seeking employment opportunities. With many employers now asking jobseekers to submit personal statements as part of the job application package, it is important that such a statement shows the candidate’s strengths, motivation, and interests, as well as how he/she deals with his/her weaknesses. Employers do not need a perfect candidate, but rather the one who appreciates hard work, teamwork and challenges. Such statements must be flawless and catchy to catch the attention of the admission committee. This fact compels many job seekers to seek the services of personal statement writing experts who have the experience and skills to write statements that guarantee interview invitations.

Scholarship/Fellowships Applicants:  In some cases, students or prospective students who are not financially stable are required to submit applications for scholarships and fellowships. It is worth noting that every applicant of such fellowships has already performed well and that’s why they are recommended for such fellowships. Thus, what distinguishes such applicants is not the academic performance, but rather the quality of personal statement that one submits. The personal statement should communicate your accomplishments and what motivates you, as well as the vision you want to achieve. The statement should, therefore, be written in such a way that it makes the selection committee want to meet you in an interview forum. Although there is no single formula for writing personal statements in regards to fellowships and scholarships, there are general rules that must be followed. Such rules include the length of the statement and guidelines given by the awarding institution. To write a successful personal statement, one must reflect on his/her challenges in life and bring them up as the reason for wanting to be considered for such a scholarship. Most scholarship committees also look for the motivation behind the application, your personal interests and how you will help your community after completion of your studies. Further, the statement should be free of all errors; grammar, spelling, and syntax. In view of this, one can seek the services of personal statement writing experts to increase the chances of winning the scholarships or fellowship. This is because such experts have helped so many students win scholarships based on their experience of writing such papers over many years.


Step 1: Make sure you only write about important things and avoid exceeding word count. Definitely, there will be a lot of applications to be gone through by the admission committee, and each personal statement might be looked through for a minute or less. Thus, your personal statement should be flawless and catch to attract the attention of the assessor.

Step 2: Sometimes, the personal statement topics are given, and other times they are not. If the guidance is not provided, find the topics that are popular with admission committees. There are innumerable examples on the internet, and therefore, you can use such an example to build an opinion of them and use them as a guide.  A boring topic will lead to a boring personal statement, and thus the admission committee will trash your application.

Step 3: The next step is to sit down and brainstorm. At this stage, one can use mind maps or other methods to get some information that can be used in the personal statement. One thing to understand is that the majority of admission committees like all-rounded students. Therefore, while writing your personal statements, add information that shows your interests and show you’re an all-around person. Write something about whether you volunteered or had a part-time job. Discuss your hobbies and clubs and societies you may have attended during your school years. The admission committee will be looking out for awards and accomplishments too that you may have received. Further, if you are an international student, don’t forget to mention how the course you want to study will be of help to your mother country-this is gospel to many admission committees. Uh! Difficult to comprehend, right? Don’t worry; you can always get help from personal statement writing services experts.

Step 4: Lastly, connect your interests with your future career. Do you have some experience in the profession? Discuss what drew you to the profession. Maybe you can narrate a short story that tells the committee how your interests in the profession came about. Connect your experiences growing up to the course or profession you want.

This seems hard to achieve, right? Don’t you ever worry about personal statements because Tuptutors will get you admitted to your university of choice. With many years of experience in writing industry, the personal statement writing experts helps many prospective students to come up with flawless and eye-catching personal statements that will guarantee you a place in any university of your choice.


Personal statement, just like any other form of writing has some rules that it must follow to be deemed a good piece. This requires the writer to have the required skills and competencies. One should gather the required information and put it down in writing in a professional and compelling manner. Word count or length of the document is also very important, and many institutions will specify the length of the paper that must be followed yet capture the information needed. Importantly, the writing should capture the reader’s attention from the start by making it easy to read and understand. In other words, following the laid rules and guidelines make your personal statement stand out from the rest of the applicant. Whilst there are many characteristics that define a good personal statement, this article has discussed eight qualities of an excellent personal statement.

  • An excellent personal statement gives a clear account of your achievements, experiences, goals, and values. It should give the reader an understanding of your personality presented in an honest and reflective manner.
  • The statement should correspond to the basics of good writing skills. A good personal statement is devoid of spelling formatting, grammar, and syntax errors. Presence of such errors will paint a picture of a careless and irresponsible candidate to the admission committee.
  • A good personal statement should be a moving and reflective story of your life as opposed to a list of your achievements and experiences. The story must be a compelling story that paints a picture of your life in a manner to draw the attention and sometimes the sympathy of the reader.
  • The personal statement should follow the requirements of the admitting institution. There are unique instructions to almost every single admitting institution. Although some colleges may have a clear guide and instructions, other colleges give leeway to students to be creative and come up with a personal statement basing on just general instructions. In this case, a prospective student must show his/her creativity by narrating personal life experiences and achievements whilst connecting them with the course being applied for.
  • An excellent personal statement should demonstrate your ability in dealing with problems and turning obstacles into opportunities. The admission committee understands that there is no perfect person, but the best candidate should understand challenges are always there and that he/she should be ready to tackle such challenges. The right candidate must indicate that no amount of challenges can make him/her quit running after goals.
  • Some statements require the candidate to answer a cert question or a set of questions. If so, make sure to answer all your questions in an essay form. Failure to answer such questions will result in your university application being rejected.
  • A good personal statement should elaborate on how your personal skills, achievements, traits, and experiences will benefit the college. The admission committee looks for personal statements that show clearly how you are going to contribute to the college.
  • Lastly, a personal statement should have a very catchy introduction. There are so many applications to be scanned through, and in most cases, the admission personnel go through the introduction part and if it is boring they form an opinion that the entire piece is trash. As such, your introduction should be catch and interesting to read so as to compel the committee to offer admission.


Avoid plagiarism:  Sometimes when applying for many colleges, scholarships, and fellowships, you may find that the questions asked are almost similar. You must not be tempted to submit the same personal statement for all these applications as this will be flagged for plagiarism. Answer each question asked for each application differently and thus come up with a different personal statement for each application.

Tell a story:  The worst thing an applicant can do is to bore the selection committee. One can avoid this by sharing his/her experiences, motivation, challenges and achievements through a personal story that is moving. Make your personal statement lively, fresh and unique from others, and this will make you memorable in the minds of the selection committee.

Be specific: Another way of making your application successful is by making specific experiences that led you to want to pursue a certain profession.  For example, give a story that shows your experiences and challenges in life and then conclude by showing such experiences and challenges are what led you to be motivated to study medicine. You don’t just wake up and decide to be a doctor, but rather it is backed by evidence from personal experiences and challenges.

Find an angle: It is important to try and make your life dramatic to get the attention of the selection committees. However, if you’re like most people, your life may not be dramatic. Thus, you have to find an angle on which to create drama in your life.

Concentrate on your introduction: The introduction paragraph is very important in a personal statement. It helps to grab the reader’s attention or just lose it completely. Having a very interesting introduction paragraph can make your application to be accepted because most of the time they don’t read the whole statement.

Show you know: Although the middle section of your personal statement should major on your interests, challenges, motivation, and challenges, it should also demonstrate your knowledge of the field. Even if you are a high school graduate, at least you know a little of the course you are applying for in a college. The selection committee will take a particular interest in your application if they realize you already have some hints on the area of study you are interested in. You can mention the books and articles you have read or the experiences you have had on the field or encounters with professional in the same field.

Write correctly: You should be meticulous in your writing. After writing your personal statement, be sure to proofread it carefully. It is sometimes allowed for your peers or tutors to proofread your statement so as to make sure it is free of grammar errors and mistakes. You have to communicate clearly using a good command of English as this is very important for the selection committee. However, one can seek proofreading services or write from scratch services from Tuptutors personal statement experts who make sure that your personal statement catches the eye of the selection committee.


  • Don’t copy a personal statement from the internet or share yours with someone else. Selection committees scan statements for plagiarism and yours will be flagged for plagiarism.
  • Don’tlie or exaggerate your information too much as you will be caught during your interview.
  • Don’t rely too much on spellcheckers as they rarely pick up all errors, Proofread you work word by word.
  • Don’twrite in a rush. If you leave it till very late to write your personal statement, you are likely to make grave grammar mistakes that will cause your application to be rejected.
  • Don’t exceed the set word count. Exceeding the set limit shows that you don’t follow instructions.


For many prospective students, it is not an easy work to write a compelling personal statement that puts you above other applicants for university admission. However, this is a compulsory requirement, and there is no way around it if you want to join a university. Sometimes, it becomes a requirement also when applying for a job. Many companies across the US, UK, and Canada nowadays require job applicants to submit a personal statement. Although there are innumerable sample personal statements all over the internet, don’t follow them blindly because you will be accused of lying and cheating. You need a unique personal statement that is compelling and eye-catching and not a general one. Prospective students, therefore, must make their personal statement specific to their character, motivation, experiences, and course being applied. This makes this task complex for many candidates, and the fear is to come up with a substandard personal statement that will lead to admission rejection. As such, many prospective students nowadays seek the help of personal statement writing services, which are available online. These experts have helped thousands of students to get university admissions due to their skills and experience. The personal statement writing experts know exactly what university admission committee look for in a personal statement and therefore, they prepare a write-up that will catch the attention of the committee.

Other times, it is not about complexity that makes prospective students seek help in writing their personal statements. Some of these candidates already have work, and therefore they have little time to concentrate and write a good personal statement. Most of the time, these candidates have to work on three shifts a day to supplement their earnings. Others have families that they should take care of financially and morally. Getting out of the job at midnight and then getting home at the wee hours of the night makes it impossible for one to sit down and come up with a compelling personal statement. In this regard, the majority seek the services of personal statement writing experts to come up with compelling documents to present to these admission committees. All the candidate needs to do is give full details about his/her education, experiences, motivation, course applying to, and university to the experts. Sometimes the experts can come up with a general personal statement that the student can edit a bit and use it to apply to many universities or colleges.


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