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An Occasion of War Book Review

An Occasion of War: Book Review An Occasion For War was published by Leila Fawaz in 1994 and it was dedicated to the memory of Albert Hourani who spent most of his life studying the relations between the East and the West [...]

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Negotiating as an important practice

Negotiating is one exceedingly important practice in which the average individual gets involved, frequently unconsciously. Negotiation is a means of communication through which the individual attempts to gain concessions from a partner, opponent, counterpart or any other party. In most cases, the [...]

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Interest groups and the political systems

Interest groups and the Political Systems:  Interest Groups are among the most influential groups in any political system. They are groups of individuals and interests that make certain claims upon other groups in society by acting through the institutions of government. Different [...]

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Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire

Background setting: Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire. During WWI Britain made promises to Sharif Hussein that if the Arabs revolted against the Turks, they would become independent. When this target has been fulfilled, [...]

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Women’s rights and Equalities

Women’s rights and equalities The issue of women’s rights and equalities gained a lot of momentum due to the attention it gained from the United Nations and other international organizations, together with the efforts of feminist groups all over the world, governments, [...]

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