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You may not know but before Michael Moore submits any pilot of his fiction documentary films like Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 in which his subject is first presented as a custom essay and his purpose is to create a sensory experimental film making for the audience.  So before The New York Times or San Francisco Film Society picks up on any of his film essays he puts pen to paper as a custom essay just like any other film essay creators like Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me: A Film of Epic Portions.

Custom essay writing service

Custom essay writing service

Here is a list of essayists you might recognize.

  1. John Locke
  2. Robert Burton
  3. Ben Jonson
  4. Francis Bacon
  5. Jacques Amyot
  6. Aldous Huxley
  7. Thomas Malthus
  8. Alexander Pope
  9. Sir Thomas Browne
  10. Michel de Montaigne
  11. Baldassare Castiglione
  12. Baltasar Gracián
  13. Joseph Addison
  14. Richard Steele
  15. Samuel Johnson
  16. Edmund Burke
  17. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  18. William Hazlitt
  19. Charles Lamb
  20. Leigh Hunt
  21. Thomas de Quincey
  22. S. Eliot
  23. Robert Louis Stevenson
  24. Willa Cather
  25. Virginia Woolf
  26. Edmund Wilson
  27. Charles du Bos
  28. Sei Shōnagon
  29. Yoshida Kenkō
  30. Anne Fadiman
  31. Charles Lamb
  32. Dziga Vertov
  33. Chris Marker
  34. Errol Morris
  35. Morgan Spurlock
  36. Agnès Varda
  37. Jean-Luc Godard
  38. Georges Méliès
  39. Bertolt Brecht
  40. Edward VII
  41. Orson Welles
  42. Elmyr de Hory
  43. Samuel Barber

Some Of These Above 43 Essayists Work Include:

  • An Essay on Criticism
  • An Essay on Man
  • An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  • Age of Enlightenment
  • An Essay on the Principle of Population
  • An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  • Essay on the Principle of Population

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The argument or analysis always arises about the time a student really has to complete all the tasks that are put on their plate.  The short story of it is that teachers and instructors never seem to collaborate or put down what they are doing from one class to the next on a pamphlet or manifestos.  WHOA… flashbacks but let’s flash-forwards to how analytical these instructors are of your work and this literary criticism could drive a student to drinking.



And don’t even think of getting argumentative with one of your professors about prose this or verse that because they just will not have it.  It will actually make them more critical and analytical of your work.  The education system is flawed with what a student has to accomplish in what little time they have to complete their mountain of tasks.

Worldwide View of a Custom Essay

You will find that there are many forms of custom essays such as a photographic essay which captions photographs in a photo essay and paints a picture of the worldwide view.  You can also find it depicted in video as YouTube or on film like The Coronation of Edward VII, The Thin Blue Line or F for Fake which adds extra-musical plot or story and highlights the music in an abstract (summary) way.

Like the Jesuits before us we can highlight Jesuit art in a custom essay kind of way.

The excitement, the education and the motivation of Jesuit Art. Jesuit art is very much an international phenomenon.  Art, artists, ideas and the Jesuits themselves moved across borders with remarkable frequency.  Ignatius’ Apolistic vision for the society encompassed the entire globe.  The Jesuits were truly among the first Catholic groups to articulate a coherent world view.

Perhaps this universalism is the key to their appeal. Few religious orders were enthusiastic as the Jesuits about the fine arts.  From the earliest days of the society art was treated as a priority both in Europe and on the world-wide missions.  Ignatius of Loyola himself made great use of images in his personal meditations. Saint Francis Xavier also contributed to the world-wide spread of Catholic devotional images. He set out on his first mission in 1542 with a suitcase full of sacred pictures taking advantage of the power of images to overcome his linguistic deficiencies.

Custom essay writing service

Custom essay writing service

Given the amount of attention paid to images by these early Jesuit leaders, not to mention the extensive Jesuit artistic contribution to late Renaissance and Baroque Italy, the Jesuits have been credited or blamed with creating their own style.  The Jesuits envisioned arts as the visual equivalent to sacred oratory.  The Jesuits realized that like preaching art had an extraordinary ability to delight, to teach, and to move like a custom essay writing would.  By harnessing art’s pictorial realism, expressive power, and emotive capabilities, the Jesuits felt that they could move non-Christians to abandon their faiths for Christianity and to lead Christians at home to a more pious life.

Meditation: living in the moment through art. For example Jan David’s Veridicus Christianus: its frontispiece is a delightful pun on the imitation of Christ and thus it illustrates the lateral of art.  A group of Christians are gathered around a figure of Christ on Golgotha which serves as their model.  Each Christian perched before an easel paints his own version of what he sees, rightly or wrongly.  Going back to Ignatius the Jesuits also stressed an image’s potential for meditation an emphasis deriving from the spiritual exercises which exhorted its followers to meditate by forming mental images with the senses or composition of place.

Art: where the mind and memory converge. 

This intellectual exercise was as important for the spiritual formation of the Jesuits themselves as it was for their congregations. Images also played a very important role for memory by fixing the often very complex ideas and events of Christianity in the mind.  In accordance with both classical and Renaissance theory the Jesuits taught adults and children alike to use pictures to store and retrieve information.  This mnemonic function is brought out most clearly in Nadal’s Gospel whose images are itemized with letters keyed to information below. Art: enjoying the celebration.  Finally the Jesuits used art to celebrate themselves.



Beginning around the time of the 1609 beatification of Saint Ignatius the Jesuits commissioned artists to celebrate the lives of Saint Ignatius and Saint Francis Xavier in art.  Celebration is at the heart of the Jesuit education mission: to excite, to educate, and to motivate the individual to spiritually elevate and celebrate with the eternal heavenly father.

Three Basic Methods for Increasing Your Essay Writing Skills

You will want to sell something to your instructor, whether it is on your paper or in person you need to develop a few essay writing skills. It is true that you could hire someone to write your custom essay with a professional writing service. Of course you will want to make sure you find the very best custom essay writing service.

Meanwhile if you are doing your essay writing that it is going to be on your shoulders. It is much easier to say that you are going to write your essay than to actually write it yourself. This is going to become immediately apparent as you try to finalize this task along with your regular courses and part time job. Here is some good news: it is possible to improve your essay writing skills. Keep reading in order to learn the things that will be required to write a better essay and sell your ideas to your professor or instructor.

Make sure that your paper would have the ability for you to take action and persuade YOU of what you are claiming in your term paper. If your own words you write would not convince yourself of what you are writing on your report than you can’t expect anyone else to drink your Kool-Aid either. Every single word and convincing argument you insert in your copy should have the power to influence yourself first. Only retain the parts in the essay that would convince yourself of your idea.

Custom essay writing service

Custom essay writing service

You cannot pretend to be enthusiastic for whatever it is that you are trying to sell to the person reading your essay. Obviously you appreciate and enjoy whatever it is that you are offering or you shouldn’t offer it. I believe that it is okay to be enthusiastic in your writing. You should let yourself get a little emotional about whatever it is that you are going to write about. Modesty has its place–interpersonal communication for example but essay writing is not that place. Your essay writing is where you are able to talk freely about the great and fantastic things about your ideas. The fact is that essay writing is the one place where you are expected to list all of the great things about your ideas. Seize the day and toot your own horn!

You may also want to get outside opinions on your writing skills. Try to get a broad range of opinions which would include feedback from other students as well as from people who may not know anything about your topic. When you receive feedback you have to be ready to take it seriously.

Custom essay writing service

Custom essay writing service

Your first instinct may be to reject their suggestions but you have to try and see beyond this criticism. Do not expect people to hold back punches in their response as this would not help you at all. You must remember to take every suggestion seriously as it could turn out to be extremely valuable and helpful.

Our anecdotes we have come up with for a student that can’t find the time to transition from class, to job and the back to study is to rely on a custom essay writing service.  They can get your plot across to the audience in the narrative of your choosing.

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Custom essay writing service

Top Custom essay writing service

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