As part of earning your degree, students often face the daunting act of reading a lot of articles that relate to their subject area. These articles could be about sciences, literature, arts or psychology. These articles vary in purpose, language, and style. Learning to read and digest these articles is very important for any student that wants to succeed in his/her studies. For example, journal articles are very crucial when students are carrying out a literature review for a certain topic. A student has to gather the relevant articles, read them, exclude and include others in the study according to a certain exclusion and inclusion criteria that has been devised. As such, relevant articles are reviewed critically and the information presented in such a way that it adds the value to the existing literature. Tuptutors article review experts have the knowledge and experience to perform article reviews that will make sure the student successfully satisfies the rubrics. This type of assignment is complex and requires a lot of attention and skills to make sure one successfully complete it. Lack of thorough evaluation of the article or articles being reviewed will result in a fail. As such, one need to make sure that the review shows critical skills and that one is not subjective in the way he/she writes the review.


When students are doing an academic article review, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of this type of assignment. One must start with a basic summary of the main points regarding the main ideas the article is addressing. Further, one must critique the article well in this summary without personal opinion. Then, the assignment should proceed to evaluate the main ideas addressed in this article and its relevance to the field of study. This kind of evaluation should be professional and not biased at all. Therefore, one must clearly make the evaluation of the claims and if need be support the ideas in the article using other relevant sources. However, one may not agree with everything, but when a writer needs to dispute some information, he/she must do so by supporting his/her arguments using relevant sources. This type of assignment proves complex for students most of the times, and many students seek help from Article Review Assignment experts who have the experience and skills to provide an excellent assignment.

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It is also worth noting that there are different reasons why students receive such assignments from their professors. One of the reasons is to enable students to learn something new in a particular field of study. By reading and evaluating an article, students are able to come across a few new ideas that help increase their knowledge of the subject. Another reason for doing this type of assignment is to help a student prepare a detailed literature review about a particular topic. In the review of the literature, one needs to read and understand many articles related to the topic of the study and identify gaps to be addressed. It is, therefore, important to identify a topic and then read articles critically to identify gaps through the literature review process.

Not all students can are good in academic writing especially the article review type of assignment. This means that most of the students can do with help from experts. It is often times very hard for a student to understand what an article review assignment is about, and how to prepare it successfully to pass with good marks. Other times, there is limited time for students to prepare such an assignment even if they wanted to. This could be due to work or many other assignments to tackle within a short period of time. This becomes hard for many students, and if they are not careful, one can fail. Tuptutors, has made sure that its group of expert writers have the right skills to do article review assignments and ensure that students pass excellently. So if a student wants to be taught how to do a successful article review type of assignment, these tutors are ready to give lessons. Additionally, if a student has limited time and wants his/her assignment to be completed within the shortest time possible, article review assignment experts are ready to offer these services.

How To Do An Article Review Essay

For a start, it is paramount that a student chooses the article he/she will be working well. However, in most cases, the article is given, and actually, one can be provided with a list of articles to review. If you are provided with a list of articles to choose one from, make sure to scan through the article by reading through the abstracts and then choose the best article to review.

Once a choice for the article is done, the first thing to do is to read through the entire article. One can even mark the difficult words and then search the meaning of the words from the internet or dictionary. Once this is done, the student needs to read the article again and this time try to digest the meaning of every paragraph and even look for deeper meanings by reading between the lines. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand everything, and thus one can seek clarification from classmates. However, already as a student, you have one of the points to include in your recommendations. One could highlight that the article uses complex terms that makes the article difficult to comprehend as one of the weaknesses or as a recommendation to future authors.

After the above step, the student needs to list down the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Further, one should list the main points that the article is trying to highlight. This is important because the first thing to do in an article review assignment is to summarize the article by discussing the main idea of the article. After that, check all the points to make sure they are correct and relevant. Later, the student should start writing the review by summarizing the article and then discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the article in prose form.

It should be noted that this part of the article review should be critical enough and not just describing. One must, therefore, discuss what makes the article interesting and what ideas in the article you agree with and why. Additionally, if there are ideas you do not support some of the ideas in the article, you should state why and support your opinion with other sources that say otherwise.

In some cases, a student is given many articles to read and provide a systematic review of the literature. Just like an article review, the student has to read and digest all the articles provided and then draw a list of main points. In doing so, the student should try and digest the topic of the study that will guide the review of the provided articles. Later, the student can now read through the articles again and this time round come up with the outline to be followed in preparing the literature review. As such, this outline is followed and subtopics provided that would help in reviewing the articles that are relevant to each subtopic. However, it is important to note that the review of such articles in the form of a systematic literature review should be critical enough to show understanding of the topic and the main idea present in articles. The review should also be rich in in-text citations to support the ideas presented in the write-up. Just describing what articles present will in most cases result in a poor grade. To show critical thinking, students must, therefore, disagree with some ideas and support his/her opinion with sources. However, it should be noted that being critical does not mean being subjective, but rather being objective.

This is a daunting task for many students, and in many cases, students are unable to do a comprehensive article review or review of the literature. With the current trend of seeking online help for assignments, many students seek assignments help from experts. Thus, students can consult article review assignments experts for help in case they are stuck with these types of assignments. The experts have been in the industry for quite some time and know what to do and what not to do in order to make an assignment pass.


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