A Sample cover letter

Dear Mrs. Niewiadomski,

I would like to thank you for the opportunities you offered me during the interview, but more for deep feeling of faith in professionalism that I had almost lost over the past few months.

I also apologize for having taken several days to send this letter, but I believe you realize that I have had to do a lot of thinking before deciding on what to do.

In the course of the first interview, you asked me to tell you about what I have to offer to your team. This is indeed a very difficult question, especially as I realized that a lot is expected of anyone who is to join a professional team at ICTN. Trying to match those expectations with what I could offer was even a more painstaking process.

I have worked with different cultural and organizational backgrounds over the past years, and I believe such diversity can be seen as a positive asset. In addition to this, I am strongly oriented to work with people for common goals and objectives, always keeping in mind whatever professional objective there is, always careful to eliminate any obstacles to commitment, coordination and communication. I am very aggressive, consistent and persistent, but I also how to acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them.

Apart from these general qualities that are expected from any self-respecting career-minded person, I have two qualities that I believe ICTN can benefit from. The first is my ability to innovate, an ability that I have carefully nurtured through diversified experience, openness to others and to ideas, and above all, continuous exploration of new fields and areas. The second is my ability to learn and to apply what I learn, an ability that was nurtured with continuous education, observation, involvement, enthusiasm and curiosity.

Aware that I know very little of the team that I may be working with, I believe that my offer is very limited. Still, it has always been my objective to work with a professional team in a professional environment from which I can learn, and for the purpose of achieving well-identified goals and objectives. This is not a mere interest or a wish, but actually a strong need that has become even stronger after my interview with you.

Every career-minded person wants to gain experience and improve his or her CV. Yet, apart from these objectives, I have a great interest in learning and achievement, and I am convinced that working with ICTN and with you personally Mrs. Niewiadomski will perhaps be the greatest career opportunity that I might enjoy in this country. It is also for this reason that my personal interest is directed at working as a consultant on a project basis where I expect wider experience, more learning opportunities, and deeper knowledge of a field that I am greatly interested in.

Finally, I am very well aware that to get a job at ICTN will have to go through rigorous testing and perhaps training, but then, I feel that I share the spirit of enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism expected at your organization.

Yours Faithfully,

Jihad Samra

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