It is not uncommon for any person to find herself in an embarrassing situation where someone might be rude to her, especially in public. Many people, especially women, become so embarrassed that they lose control when this happens to them. I think the best way to deal with such a situation, especially for a woman, is not to take it personally and to behave in a mature and dignified way by ignoring the attacking person.

When finding themselves embarrassed by the rudeness of a person, many people lose control over their nerves. They become very nervous and start shaking, and many blush and even start crying or just run away because they cannot hear more. This might save a person one or two times, but if it happens a lot as it does in real life nowadays, one has to find a better solution.

When a person is being rude to us, he is not trying to embarrass and weaken us, and if this happens, then his goal is achieved. If he calls us names, we should not actually care because names do not hurt unless we take them personally. If we are self-confident, we do not take names personally. In other words, we can pretend that we did not hear these words and decide what to do next.

This next step is either to avoid the situation before other attacks follow or to face the person. The first solution is good in case we are driving on the road or in case we are walking by the street. However, if we are in a situation where we cannot run away such as in the office or at work or in class, the next step is not to run away, but rather to face the person. Many rude persons are rude because they are weak and try to cover this with their rudeness. However, when we show them that we do not care for this rudeness, we make them realize that they are defenseless and this puts limits for them.

There is never a ready made solution for dealing with rude people. However, as a rule, we have to train ourselves how to ignore or pretend that we have not heard. We have also to train ourselves not to lose our nerves or blush in such situations, but rather, to be strong and be ready to face the person and make him feel that we are strong to face him.