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University students are often pressed for time.  Yet, they have many assignments to complete.  This means that sometimes they will not prepare essays will correct citation.  Sometimes this can even happen because the student is not completely aware of all the rules regarding citation. Many universities will not accept this excuse. If your essay is supposed to be written in APA format for example, professors will look for all the parts of the citation format. Citation has several elements. These include the in text citations, the formatting of the cover page and of course the final reference page. There is no way to overestimate the importance of proper citation. Without proper citation, you run a very high risk of being accused of plagiarism. Depending on the importance of the assignment, this can be as serious as failing the course or being expelled or you will more than likely fail the assignment.  At the very least you will not get a good grade the assignment.  There is no reason to ever take this risk.

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