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Thucydides, Realism andThe Balance of Power

Thucydides, Realism & The Balance of Power Outline I-Introduction A-Definition of realism B-The “Melian Dialogue” C-Thucydides’ political thought II-Thucydides and the nature of the political system A-Power and competition B-Impact on modern scholars C-Domestic versus interstate relations D-The Balance of Power E-Realism [...]

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Trade Balance: Imports and Exports

Trade Balance: Imports & Exports Preview In 1995, less than five years out of the civil war, Lebanon was already standing out as a rising star in the Middle East. This was particularly the case as the government of Prime Minister Rafic [...]

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Tourism in cyprus

Outline Thesis Statement: Cyprus is one of the major touristic centers in the Mediterranean because of its natural beauty, significant citizens and cultural heritage. Introduction: A brief introduction to the history of the island The factors of being Cyprus the island of [...]

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Turkey and Erbekan

Turkey and Erbekan: For seven decades, Turkey was ruled by the secularist state that was established by Kemal Ataturk in 1924 after abolishing the Islamic Caliphate. Turkey then moved from military rule to civilian rule in 1946, and has developed as a [...]

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Communicating with People

“Communicating with People” It is usually said that people are speaking and thinking animals. To a great extent this is true. However, it is also true that many people use their tongues to say things that they do not mean, sometimes intentionally [...]

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