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Freedom in societies

Freedom in Societies Outline Thesis Statement: Society should not be entirely free since this will result in chaos. I-Total freedom is impossible in society because absolute individualism is against the principles of social life A-Total freedom is only possible in the state [...]

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Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Refugees in Lebanon Outline I-Introduction A-Definition of refugees B-Lebanese official policy towards refugees II-Historical background of refugee problem in Lebanon A-1984 & 1967 Palestinian refugees B-Non-Palestinian refugees III-Violation of refugee rights in Lebanon A-Civic rights B-Violations specific to Palestinian refugees 1-Restrictions on [...]

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The Importance of Art Education

IMPORTANCE OF ART EDUCATION & ACTIVITIES There is one very important difference between art as a subject of education and any other subject. While in other subjects, the aim of the teacher is to let students end up with the same experiences [...]

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Identification and Function An air compressor is a machine that decreases the volume and increases the pressure of a quantity of air by mechanical means. Air thus compressed possesses great potential energy, because when the external pressure is removed, the air expands [...]

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